Trump National Doral Is Planting A Wall Of Toxic Trees All Over Doral Park

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Fishtail palm trees ( invasive and toxic) are being planted all over Doral Park area. A Master Plan of Doral is designed with the golf course around the lakes to be a natural visual part of former Doral Golf Course and Resort, current Trump National Doral. It was a plan of “happy marriage” of the residential homes with the privately owned golf course. 

Doral Park residential community used to enjoy the views of the golf course and the lakes, sunrises and sunsets. Single family homes located on the golf course value used to be above the homes with no golf course view. That was a bonus and people paid up to 20% more for the view. No longer. This flawless architectural design has came to the the end, thanks to Donald Trump’s new plan.


D. Trump, who purchased the golf course, is building a green barrier between the golf course and the rest of the community – hundreds of homes including public places, walkways and the school zone of John I Smith Elementary. It was his original plan when he bought Doral Resort.

D. Trump’s reasons for building a wall around the golf course. As usual…

Resourse: Miami CBC Local (

“One of Trump’s first moves was to plant rows and rows of areca palms around the red and gold golf courses, erecting a visual buffer between the homes and greens. Trump said the trees were necessary to protect the homeowners from getting hit with golf balls and to muffle the sound of the maintenance workers.

Trump also noted the trees’ aesthetic value.

“What happens is when you are on, as an example, the first green on the gold course, you are staring at houses with laundry hanging out their window in some cases. It’s not appropriate for the finest resort in the country,” Trump said.”

Case study.

Resource:  Donald Trump Opened A $150 Million Golf Course In Scotland, Is Still A Dick

Other locals who refused to sell to Trump have also been built around. One local woman now gets to look at a wall of sand all day long and glaring lights all evening.

Not more than 100 metres from the clubhouse, Susan Monro also refused to sell and Trump has piled an 8 metre high sand berm around her house, blocking her sea views. Huge gates have been erected at the end of her lane and she complains Trump’s security staff shine lights into her home at night.

“I used to be able to see all the way to the other side of Aberdeen but now I just look into that mound of sand,” she said. “It is the same all the way round. It is awful that a foreigner can come in here and do that. The government should hang its head in shame. He says ‘I don’t want to see you your houses’, well, I don’t want to see your golf course.”

Back on the course as Trump prepared to tackle the back nine, he was defiant.

“Nothing will ever be built around this course because I own all the land around it,” he said with a smile. “It’s nice to own land.”

And another one.

Milne, who lives in a former coastguard station overlooking the course, has resisted Trump’s attempts to buy him out, but is now forced to live behind a row of tall spruce trees planted on Trump’s orders at the edge of his property which screen off his once spectacular view of the dunes and the sea. “When I saw the trees going in, the emotion was near total fury because I knew there was nothing I could do,” he said.

Trump ordered the planting after telling an aide: “I want to get rid of that house”. In an exchange captured in the US TV program Donald Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf, he said: “It’s our property, we can do what we want. We are trying to build the greatest course in the world. This house is ugly.”

Another resource:

As one movie says, You’ve Been Trumped

Community of Doral Woods realizes possibility for crime increase in the future because of the planted wall of trees. They are warning their neighbors to call Doral police immediately if they see trespassers or suspicious activities on their property.


 September 16 the urgent meeting of interested home owners will be held at Doral Country Club 7 PM. Meet Vice-Mayor Christine Fraga who will be answering questions about the trees.
To sign a petition against the trees in Doral Park 
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