Trump National Doral Golf Course Remodeling In Action

October 31, 2014 | By More

No matter how much people are unhappy, how many meetings they attend or how long they discuss painful subject of Trump National Doral golf course remodeling, nothing they can do about it. This is private property with the new owner who cares less of what people might think or feel.

Doal meeting against palm trees blocking the golf course view.Mr. D.Trump sure enjoys the view of his new remodeled golf course of Trump National Doral. All the houses and Doral street walkways are now blocked from the golf course by areca palm trees, bamboo and invasive fishtail palm trees. Fishtail palm trees look like bushes now but have potential growth up to 25 feet tall and 15 ft wide creating a real jungle if no proper landscape management is done.

Broward county officially states, DO NOT PLANT invasive trees in the yards and especially in the public areas and the parks.

Plants that are not native to South Florida are taking over our landscape. These non-native plants, which have been accidentally or purposely introduced by people, have gone wild in our yards, parks, roadsides, canal banks, and natural areas. The vast majority of introduced plants pose no threat, but some grow out of control. These invaders outcompete our native vegetation and gradually displace our native plants and animals, altering our landscape. The natural controls that keep them in check in their native homelands – disease and insects - do not exist here.

Land managers of natural areas recommend that you consider not planting these species in your yard, especially if you live near a natural area. 

Areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) and Burmese fishtail palm (Caryota mitis) are among those names.

What about the neighbors, people living in those homes (some homes in Doral Estates are estimated 1.6 Mln and above)? They do not enjoy their new view so much…. In fact, they are devastated. But who cares?  Imagine people living in the homes since the beginning of Doral and enjoying their beautiful lakes and golf course views with sunrises and sunsets. It’s all taken away. The Master Plan of Doral went down the drain. What used to be an “open floor plan” does no longer exist. What about residential property values? Ask the real estate professionals.

This is how our city residences and streets look like now…

trumped-doral-04 trumped-doral-06 trumped-doral-08 trumped-doral-16 trumped-doral-17 trumped-doral-19 trumped-doral-22 trumped-doral-24

The rope defines the the border and increases probability of stopping people (and kids) from trespassing the golf course property.






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