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February 27, 2015 | By More

With rapid population growth in Doral there is a need for new educational institutions in our community. Currently, a large population of Doral, 29.7% are children of all ages up to 19 y.o. Good news, we have new schools and pre-schools are being built opening their doors in 2015. If you are looking for a new school or pre-school for your child consider these brand new ones.

1. Downtown Charter Elementary




8390 NW 53rd Street Doral, FL 33166, phone: ( 305) 569-2223


Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School’s mission is to provide our students with a comprehensive dual curriculum and bicultural/bilingual education through language acquisition and innovative programs, facilitated by a highly qualified staff promoting students’ academic excellence creating future world leaders.

• Opening Fall 2015

• Tuition free public charter school

• Pre-K through 5th grade facility for over 800 students

• Providing a challenging, dual language (Spanish/English or Portuguese/English) curriculum in a warm and nurturing environment

• Providing a state-of-the-art, newly constructed facility • Offering a rigorous bilingual education consistent with effective research based teaching strategies

• Enhancing bicultural studies through high-quality extracurricular activities and special projects with a focus on the customs and culture of the country of study

• Delivering effective lessons using differentiated instruction and inquiry based hands-on learning, delivered by highly qualified certified teachers

• Providing a wide variety of educational experiences for the students beyond the classroom through programs with established local community partners

• Delivering instruction through the latest technology, utilizing Promethean board equipped classrooms

• Offering instructional blocks of small group settings as well as one-on-one tutoring and enrichment

• Utilizing research based and state adopted electronic textbooks • Providing science inquiry through the high tech Discovery Lab

• Emphasizing the visual arts by providing an extensive art and music program in the strategically designed Da Vinci Lab and Mozart Lab

• Providing a low teacher to pupil ratio

• Creating an intimate, community environment while remaining central to Downtown Doral, just steps from the city’s Town Hall, major shops, corporate offices, and restaurants


2. Coloring Dreams Pre-school


3905 NW 107th Ave, Suite #101, Doral, FL 33178, phones: (305) 594 5001, (305) 922 0445

Every parent in the world has always been worried about three issues in their children’s lives: health, nutrition and education. Health is one of the most highly valued essentials for our children. We are also concerned about nutrition, although often we make mistakes and do not give them the best. Lastly, education is the other developmental aspect that concerns every parent.

We conducted a research through the review of the main pedagogical approaches in the world to develop a proposal for art, modern and contemporary. Our program includes bonding, cognitive, symbolic and social skills, key elements in the development of the child. We emphasize record and demonstrate the biography of the child’s development and to meet the challenge of educating the children of 0-5 years start from solid philosophical, scientific and educational bases, for which purpose we propose our vision and mission as a commitment socially I assumed.

What do we intuitively know about the our children’s development?

The first thing we know is to observe our babies’ behavior, and to be surprised by everything we see. It is amazing to see their little hands, feet, toes and fingers, their perfection. This is our first experience which also gives us great joy.

Another thing we notice is how they smile and cry, and we learn that there is not only one kind of crying, but many ways of crying. This is called “baby language”, because through it a baby tells us that he / she is hungry, sleepy, bored or in pain. Attentive parents quickly learn to differentiate the signals that babies give and meet their specific needs.

We also notice their curiosity; they observe faces and moving objects. They explore with their toys, as they touch them, pull them and are surprised by their effects. As we can see, we learn a lot by observing our children.

What new things do we need to know about our children?

There is something that will surprise you: genetic studies and neurosciences have demonstrated that a child is end owed with a lot of information that requires contact with his/her parents in order to use it. Babies that do not have this contact (called “interactive play form”) are unable to open what we now know as genetically pre-coded “modules”. These modules carry information that requires significant adults to be opened. These findings explain to us why a new born child learns as much and as quickly as he/she can until he/she turns four.

What are interactive play forms?

They are specific behavioral patterns that parents have with babies and young children. As parents, you may have noticed that the language you use with a baby or a young child changes in tone. You usually use baby talk and change posture. You are flexible and try to approach the child physically. That has happened to all of us as parents. However, there is something that we have to think about to avoid repeating it: many parents believe that children speak in a particular way and that we have to imitate them. This should be avoided because it delays the development of language. We should speak clearly, softly, and with an affectionate ton because initially, a child recognizes one’s tone of voice rather than words. Only upon increasing vocabulary when the child is approximately one and a half or two years old, words begin to have meaning. At first, it is all about intonation. For example, if you tell your baby that you love him/her very much or that he/she is a cute baby with a loud voice and brusque gestures rather than.


The Bright Modules curricular concept is defined as the learning experiences, designed for our educational model to enhance the modular sets produced by the various talents children from 0-5 years of age possess.

The curriculum is structured by ages, which are grouped based on modular sets. As competencies, the sets have areas that make it possible to organize them pedagogically. These areas produce a pedagogical order of general and specific competencies, according to pedagogical dimensions. Therefore, curricular structure is organized for each age by modules, pedagogical areas and the number of general and specific competences.

Ages: 0-5

3. Divine Savior Academy New High School Building



10311 NW 58th Street, Doral, FL 33178, phone: (305) 597-4545

Divine Savior Academy’s new high school addition is currently under construction and will open for the start of the 2015-2016 school year. The new high school is a stand-alone building that sits on an adjoining 7.75 acres of land. With over 88,000 square feet of educational space, it will have room for 400 more students. The new high school building will have 23 classrooms, 4 science labs, tiered lecture rooms, an outdoor classroom, a large double-height common area, a full size high school gymnasium, a weight room, media center, chess room, dance studio, art rooms, music labs and much more.

This new building isn’t just a high school building, it is also an expansion of our grounds that will benefit all the students on our campus. This current building project will add 4 tennis courts, a soccer/football field, more playground area, and over 200 more parking spaces to the DSA campus.

When the new high school building and grounds are finished, Divine Savior Academy will continue to expand. Plans for a Worship and Arts Center are already in progress. This addition will be a large, state-of-the-art auditorium that will serve the entire campus for assemblies, dramatic performances, music recitals, and worship services.



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