Ikea Miami Opening – The Shopper Experience

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As a person who was anxiously waiting for Ikea opening near Dolphin Mall, Ikea Miami, of course, I went to see it in person! How could I miss! Editor’s duty calls… Below I am sharing some pictures as well as my shopper experience. Enjoy :)

Ikea Miami Address:

1801 NW 117th Avenue, Miami, FL 33172

(888) 888-4532


Luckily, it takes only 5-7 min from Doral to go to our brand new Ikea vs. 45 min drive to Sunrise Ikea in Broward County.  When I arrived celebration has already started and the line of thousands of people was pretty long and getting even longer. Though crowd management and organizing the human flow was top notch.



ikea-miami-opening-4Then after official part was over, new Ikea Miami opened the door, and we started moving quickly. People were excited to see the store inside!


We were all very warmly greeted by cheerful Ikea employees, CircX beautifully dressed actors and Sweetwater Mayor.




 Watch the video how Ikea employees welcome first shoppers!

By the door everyone received a little yellow envelope with a gift (mine was worth $10, and the family ahead of me got $50!)




Definitely this new Ikea is a lot bigger then the other Ikea in Broward! 1500 parking spots! First two floors are dedicated to the parking, 3rd floor is Marketplace (kitchen stuff, lighting, office and same things like in the old Ikea) and 4th floor is furniture and a restaurant. Some things and places appealed to me very much… Larger showrooms, huge selection of goods… I especially enjoyed seeing samples of 270 SF and  380 SF studios designed by Ikea designers  - masters of creating organized living in small spaces.



A few more departments attracted my attention – I fell in love with their new rugs display (not that I need another rug), decorating and packaging display, things for the flowers and foliage (because I have a “green thumb”).






I also liked their frames selection – affordable frames come in a VARIETY of different styles and sizes. That’s because I am a picture person and it also reminded me, as a mom, of a long time project that is on my “to do” list way too long – I want to frame all the art of my children (some grew already into adults!) and hang it around the house. Now, with Ikea so close to me, I am sure this project won’t wait any longer!



Of course, I grabbed some family favorite things from their food department (like Lingonberry Syrup). And when I go next time I will definitely stop and eat at the cafeteria (restaurant) which reminds me very much of a Russian typical cafeteria, I guess it is a European layout. BTW, now they show on display how many CAL are in each dish (just like Mc Donald’s).




Shopping in Ikea is always a pleasure (same as in Publix but in a different way). After I was done with my purchases, I had to take my shopping cart downstairs to the garage. There are special escalators for that, where it says “Shopping carts only” but, of course some people like to ride it (not walking is always good for them).



Well, on this note I will say, “Goodbye Ikea, see you soon!!”


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