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November 5, 2014 | By More

Pete Cabrera Wins Over Bettina Rodrigiez Aguilera For Concilman Seat In Doral



As residents of Doral we all witnessed the candidates race for the Councilperson position in Doral Council, which came out with a bitter touch of a scandal. Both candidates of the same age had only good intentions for development of our city. Though it was a slight difference in the methods of promoting themselves as the perfect candidate.

While Pere Cabrera was focusing on educating us on his vision and programs for Doral, his opponent spent much of her efforts on making Cabrera look bad in the eyes of Doral residents, she also filed a complaint with the Miami-Dade County ethics commission against him (see details here). At the end, who was punished as a result of this complain? The kids – students of Ronald Reagan High School.

Do you remember receiving this large card in the mail?


Who was behind this campaign and how much money were spent on this mailing will stay in the shade of the unknown. May be Mrs. Rodriguez-Aiguilera has nothing to do with it, though, it is clear, the purpose of this paper is to blame her opponent and automatically create a spirit of unethical political games among politicians that run our city of Doral government.

Negative campaigns are never winners.  

It is very clear what Pete Cabrera means by saying, “Many positive things will come to Doral, but along with them they will be challenges and I don’t think we’re on the right track. The first thing we must do is to bring back respect to our city, respect between council members, respect for the image of the city; you have to stop the scandals, the war between council members in the media. It is not right that some try to conduct political campaigning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Public service is not that” (source: Edda Pujadas for Doral Family Journal)

People do not want to see the war and complains on each other inside of the local government. They do want peace, solutions of their problems, effective work to make our city even more beautiful, safe and the best place to live in.

To see full vision that Pete Cabrera has for Doral click here.

Doral Charter Amendments Voting Results

Source: nbcmiami.com



This article is a personal observation of the election on Councilperson seat. If you have your own opinion or have suggestions for Doral living – please share. Your voice will be heard and your opinion will be passed to Doral Council.

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