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This is an independent Doral yoga classes review.

I have decided to try out yoga, because my body is asking me to do so. Many people do not listen to what their body is asking them to do, but they should be doing that. It will probably ask you to lose some extra fat (sorry folks, I call things what they actually are, I am not a doctor to call it “lipid tissue”) that you may carry inside. I am one of them, and I’ve heard my body! While eating the right way is 80% of “lose weight” battle solved, exercising  is a good habit and thing to do for keeping your muscles in good shape, and generally it is good for overall health (immune system, mood, optimal weight,  etc.)

Back to our yoga classes. Simple thing I did is typed “doral yoga” in google and looked up what comes up. It threw local yoga studios listings, which I went to explore. What I discovered that there are 6 yoga studios in Doral (those that come up in google search and do offer yoga classes):

  1. Energy Yoga & Wellness Center
  2. OptimalFit Pilates Studio
  3. Pranoga Yoga Studio
  4. Bikram Hot Yoga Miami – Doral
  5. Doral Park Country Club
  6. LA Fitnes

As a total stranger to this kind of “sport”  I was lost a little at the beginning of my search, because it turns out there are quiet a few kinds of yoga out there. Bikram hot yoga stands out of the pack because it is a special class that is held in heated room, so it is kind of mix of sauna and yoga (I personally LOVE sauna). Let’s take a closer look at every yoga studio in Doral, what they offer and their pricing.

 Energy Yoga & Wellness Center

yoga-doral-logoTheir website is easy to navigate and find information, though it is not mobile friendly. Pricing structure is straight forward, I liked that you can schedule any class at any time available in advance with the instructor or type of yoga you desire.

What they offer:

At Energy Yoga & Wellness Center LLC we provide yoga classes and meditation for all ages at our studio. With specialty classes available for certain styles, including Beginner’s Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Dharma Flow and Warm Yoga, we have a class that suits your needs perfectly. Included in our memberships is our popular Guided Meditation Classes, which stimulate the brain using neural plasticity; improving our mental faculties and excellent for managing stress, anxiety and even depression.

Pricing (group classes) :

$30 for 30 day trial for the new students (check all kind of classes and instructors with no limit)
$50 for 5 classes
$95 for 10 classes

Basically when you buy in packages it costs you $10 per class (or less). See their Specials Offers for pricing info. I could not find a price for a single lesson, but I am sure it is available if you ask for it. Who needs one lesson anyway? If you do it – you commit doing it for at least a month.

View their website for complete pricing and info.

OptimalFit Pilates Studio


Their website is mostly well organized and not mobile friendly. Prices are not that easy to find, you have to pock around before you see it (located under Classes tab). You can also easy access their schedule and book your session right from the website (if it is not canceled by the instructor).

What they offer:

Our Yoga classes are designed to accommodate all levels of your yoga experience.  Whether you choose Hatha, Flow, Beginners or PreNatal Yoga, we are committed to helping you choose the right class to suit your needs.  

Pricing (group classes):

$18 per class
$135 for 10 classes

This fitness studio is focused on Pilates, so you may find many yoga classes being canceled because of not having enough people enrolled in group classes. That’s a minus if you are planning in advance and committed to attend classes.

View their website for complete pricing and info.

 Pranoga Yoga Studio


Their website is easy to navigate for info. You won’t see what kind of yoga classes are offered until you visit Schedule page. This is also a not mobile friendly website, best viewed from a desktop.

What they offer:

We offer a true and complete Yoga experience. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Pricing (group classes):

$39 first month special unlimited (for new students, group classes)
$15 one class
$65 for 5 classes
$110 for 10 classes

View their website for complete pricing and info.

Bikram Yoga Miami (Doral)


Best presented in a video.

What they offer:

Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises done in the safe environment of a heated room.  The heat warms your muscles so you can stretch and sweat away the stress while improving your blood circulation.  It makes you feel great.  Your body works better and you get your natural flexibility and your natural shape back.  The heat is 105F and the humidity is 40% – which is a lot drier than a typical Miami summer day.

Pricing (group classes):

$39 first month unlimited
$25 single class
$50 one week unlimited
$140 – 10 classes 1 month
$180 – unlimited 1 month
$1,089 – unlimited yearly lessons

It look definitely interesting, but before making a decisions if this is for you you have to try it first. More videos and info at their website.

 Doral Park Country Club


Yoga classes are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday to club members at a price $10 per class. Need to contact the yoga instructor in advance to enroll and participate. One free class is offered at the beginning of the month (limited space). Contact Esmeralda at 305-591-8800 ext. 31.

  LA Fitness


Yoga classes are included in member’s fees, though space is limited. Click here to see their schedule. If you attend yoga at La Fitness you are tight up to the very few lessons the offer.

 Have experience with any of these yoga studios? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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