Doral, What Are You Voting For?

October 27, 2014 | By More

Hopefully all of us, US citizens will go and serve our democratic right to VOTE on November 4, 2014. Here in Doral all the residents received in the mail a sample ballot with proposed 5 amendments to our city Charter (the constitution of the city). The Charter regulates the rules and rights for the city of Doral government and residents stating what we can do in our city.

Officially proposed amendments can be found here, but you may have already received it in the mail. Four (4) out of five (5) amendments are aiming to change the rules and regulations in our local government operations and time of service. One (1) amendment proposes to change the run-off election date, moving it from Thanksgiving’s week to the 1st week of December, after the holiday.

Before you vote YES or NO, ask yourself a question – WHY this amendment was proposed, and WHAT IS THE BENEFIT as a city citizen will I have if I say “yes”? That should tell you which answer to give.

  • Hiring and supervision of all city employees now is in hands of the City Manager, who is appointed by a vote of the Doral City Council (Mayor and Councilmembers). It is proposed to remove this power from the City Manager and pass it into hands of Mayor and Councilmembers directly, leaving the City Manager the right to supervise stuff and enforce the discipline.
  • Instead of current method of appointing the new City Manager by the Council vote, it is proposed the new City Manager to be appointed by the Mayor directly  (within time determined as “reasonable”) or otherwise the Councilmembers should have the right to appoint a person to this position.
  • Total service time as the Mayor or Councilmember is currently limited by two terms period. It is proposed for the Mayor or Councilemember position to have a comeback opportunity after one term of no service (4 years), with the note that it does not apply to going from the Mayor to Council position and vice-versa. This amendment opens the opportunity for unlimited service time at the local government position to current members if they are elected in the future. Especially that is true if they bounce from the Mayor position to the Councilmember position or vise versa.
  • It is proposed for Charter Revision Commission meetings to be held after business hours (by the reason that people may be occupied during business hours and not being able to attend these important meetings), and proposed amendments to be voted for during city/state general elections.


Our life in the city does depend on our choice - government members we choose, rules and regulations we set up. Changing the city Charter is changing the constitution – the rules we live by. It is up to us. Read the ballot several times before you vote, make up your mind and go vote.

To view Miami-Dade general election ballot >>> CLICK HERE




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