City Of Doral, August 26 – Vote “NO” To The Amendments

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All Doral residents received in the mail a sample ballot of the amendments to the Doral Constitution.  As usual for such document, it is written in a legal language that is not easy to understand without giving it some thinking. Though after reading and thinking over it I had an idea that many of them will be in favor to politicians, bureaucrats and won’t benefit residence of Doral in any way (that’s an opinion, feel free to express yours if you disagree).

Get familiar with the sample ballot – CLICK HERE ( it will download a PDF format document to your computer). Read through, think through and check Yes or No boxes. Have YOUR OWN opinion expressed based on reviewed document.

Use #doral and #votenototheamendments in social media if you support NO amendments opinion.

The other day another piece came in the mail, which is displayed below. It clearly supports my first impression of the amendments.


votenottotheamendments-doralAfter searching the web for suggested hash-tags I found that Doral Mayor Luigi Boria is on the same page with this opinion, here is an image of his Twitter post in regards of this matter.

luigi-boria-vote-no-to-amendments-doralIf you do not speak Spanish, you still can recognize the hash-tag #VoteNototheAmendments

Calling ALL Doral residents – GO AND VOTE on August 26! It depends on us residents of Doral which way our local government will go and  how much power they have over us, or how much power our own voice and opinions will have in making city important decisions.

United States is a great country to live in because of the democracy. Every vote counts. Though you have to do your part – you have to go and express your opinion - VOTE.

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