Doralcitylife.com was founded by city of Doral resident Galina Vitols who lives in Doral area since 1999. It was born with a simple idea to become a main on-line media hub for city of Doral local news, events and information.

Our mission is to become a go-to source for any kind of information about Doral living – dining, golfing, parks and recreation activities, nightlife and clubs, real estate market, small business events and announcements, information for the kids and youth, what’s happening in the area…

If you are a business owner and have news to share – submit a press release and share your news with us. If you have an interesting story to tell – tell us! If there is any problem that you feel like sharing with us – please share. We are looking for volunteer writers/experts and willing to give you a space (and exposure) on our website for your very own personal column.

We are looking for your help and participation. Together we can make this media hub a living thing full of interesting, useful, current information.